Human beings and its dependency on doctors

Human beings and its dependency on doctors


Human beings and the human body systems are very much prone to diseases, malfunctioning and also infection. In spite of having a very strong immune system, the body system fails in many cases making the disease condition for the body. Doctors are those who maintain and cure the human body of all those miseries and diseases. In general way of practice, doctors are of two types. One who practices and cures the patients with the help of medicines and on the other hand the surgeons who facilitate surgery to mend any organ or to remove any organ of the human body, which malfunctioning and causing enormous irritation in the body. To be a specialist in each of the course every student must undertake a course of 5 years to know almost every bit of the technique. 

History of surgery

The first person to have performed this surgical technique is an Indian named as ‘Sushruta’. He was very potent and specialized in cosmetic surgery or what is now called as plastic surgery. Thus for his sheer brilliance, he was known as the ‘Father of surgery’. His written accords were found in the book ‘Sushruta Samhita’, which is one of the ancient medical books in this world. Modern surgical methods are very much inspired by his work and the book he wrote. Hemophilia, which still one of the most dangerous diseases that could ever happen to anyone, was identified by him at the time period. And he also invented some Ayurvedic medical technique for the treatment of hemophilia. 

Need for surgery

Normal diseases like the viral infection, normal cough and cold and other serious problems can be treated with the medicines perfectly. However, when it comes to the malfunctioning or the problem in regard to any of the internal organs of the body, surgical methods are undertaken to cure the diseased portion of the organ to remove the organs. Thus, here comes the need of the surgical methods. Normal surgical operation undertaken by the doctors are:

  • Hernia Operation- It happens when the portion of the intestine enlarges and pushes to another exit. Thus causing the irritation.
  • Removing Gall stones- Removing gall stones is also another very common surgery as it helps in the removal of the stones assembled in the gall bladder causing the irritation. 
  • Appendicitis- It happens when the appendix, a vestigial organ in our body enlarges and causes the pain. It should be done at the proper time as over enlargement has got a number of consequences for the body. 

There are other important surgeries like, cardiac surgery, cataract surgery, cholecystectomy etc. which are commonly performed by the doctors. 

Surgery for cancer

Surgery is also very much common in terms of cancer. In few organ specific cancer, surgeries can take place and it became very much effective of the cure in the disease. In breast cancer, surgical removal of the affected breast is very much common and effective. 

Cities and medical facility

Cities in India, especially the metropolitan cities generally have a very good facility for medical treatment and also good physicians. You can have the best surgeon in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi and Chennai and in other metro cities.

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