Diet and the utility of dietician for human health

Diet and the utility of dietician for human health

Food and its importance in the human body

Having good and balanced food is very much required for all of us. Food helps us to have a good internal metabolic system. And the metabolic system of the human body feeds on the food that is taken by human beings. Those materials after entering into the body become very much simpler in its constitution with the help of enzymes and after that, it undergoes different sort of pathways to extract the nutrition. The ultimate motto of the metabolic system is to produce ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate). ATP is an energy rich molecule which is behind each and every action of the body. Along with that food also provide different micro nutrients like vitamins, ions and other factors which, are very much effective for the functioning of the body. 

Who is a Dietician?

A person who helps human beings to have food in their day to day life in the most balanced and organized is a dietician. A dietician specializes in food and the values of the food materials, thus, to enhance the nutritive quotient of the body when taken in a proper way. They are a multidisciplinary professional that is they work with many other professional doctors thus prescribes the patients according to the condition they are in. They also practice and promote proper health practices, dos and don’ts of different food so that common people use good foods materials and discard bad choices. Dieticians are also called as the nutritionists as they work with the nutritive elements of the food material and also its effect in different human beings in different cases. 

Types of dieticians and their work

As it was earlier told it is a multidisciplinary profession, a dietician has a lot of collaborations as well as associations with other health professionals. They are:

  • Clinical Dieticians: They are the one who remains associated with other doctors and prescribes according to that. For example, a patient suffering from multiple sclerosis often has a problem in swallowing. So according to that dieticians prescribes their diet. 
  • Community Dieticians: In this field, the dieticians help the community at large in a general way promoting basic food uses and need of food materials. They are also very much effective in promoting community health program to educate the common people about the pros and cons of the food. 
  • Gerontological Dieticians: They are the one who is specialist in the nutrition and the food practice that should be done in the aging population. 
  • Neonatal Dieticians: This group of experts sees for the usage of the food for the new born babies. 

An important suggestion

Every dietician always suggests that while buying any food materials especially when it is baby food everyone should see the label and the expiry date if the food material as canned should over its shelf life, not be used for the children as well as for the adults. 

Dieticians in Mumbai

Mumbai has the one of the best group of dieticians. They are very much able to help human beings and also improving their food habits. Best dietician in Mumbai is also into public promotional events, with the sole motto of helping the society at large.

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